Health Insurance for Summit County, Colorado

Available only in Summit County, Colorado currently, Bright Health offers simple and affordable health insurance plans that connect Coloradans with brilliant care. Check them out online at to explore their exclusive partnerships and benefits.


The challenges in health insurance are staggering. But at Bright Health, they don’t back down from the hard questions. Like, “why?” and “why not?” and ultimately, “why not us?”

Through their partnerships with Centura Health, the Colorado Health Neighborhoods provider network and Children’s Hospital Colorado, Bright Health has created a team-oriented collaboration between your insurance and your care providers. This way, both your health plan and your doctors are focused on one thing: your best health.

Proud to be teaming with brilliant minds inside (and out) of healthcare with members, health systems and brokers to create meaningful change, Bright Health aims to bring to light how health plans can and will be better, replacing confusion with confidence.

Health insurance and health care on the same team? Bright On.

Explore all the benefits of becoming a Bright Health member – CONTACT ME TODAY for more information and to apply.