Gradient Advisors is an indepedent SEC registered investment advisor, offering several products that include annuities.  What is an annuity? According to Investopedia, an annuity is a financial planning tool and a contract between you and a an insurance company, under which you pay a lump sum in exchange for an income for a certain period of time or for life, accumulation or asset growth, a death benefit, or long term care benefits.

There are two types of annuities: Fixed and Variable.  The key feature of fixed annuities is that the principal is FIXED – it is guaranteed by the insurance company. Gains are usually locked in each year and create a guaranteed income stream in retirement that is not influenced by interest rates, market fluctuations, or other typical market influences. With a Variable annuity, the principal value “varies” based on the performance of the sub-account values that your money is allocated to. These are viewed as investments and are sold by individuals that are licensed to sell both investments and annuities.

Lori Fennessey can guide you in deciding whether an annuity is for, and what kind of annuity you might purchase. Contact her today for more information.